Material Observations

These projects reflect our investigations of how materials react and work with each other.

Each project is custom and full of questions. 


Blackened Table

The desire was to find the moment of balance.

Found timbers, cut in half and rotated, the table only reveals the structural, faceted cuts underneath through investigation.

The knots respond to charring the timber differently and reveal a beautiful amber glow from within.


Douglas Fir Beam, Charred

Finished with 100% Tung Oil

47" L x 22" W x 11" H



Blackened Stool

Found beams that were once structural elements, this project became an experiment in material change. 

Our desire for these stools was to highlight the beauty of age and wear of the beam.

The rectangular voids in the side of each stool shows where a floor joist used to connect. Now these cuts are just the right size for a hand to fit in while picking up the stool. 


Douglas Fir Beam, Charred

11" L x 11" W x 18" H


Bar Detail_1b.jpg


Blackened Steel, Butcher Block, Walnut investigation into how these materials can almost touch each other.